Sharing Spaces: office and nursery

The reality is we don't always have enough room in the house for every space to be dedicated within the confines of one room. Recently, in our own home  we've had to create a shared space consisting of a nursery/office.

Its important to keep in mind  that sharing sometimes does mean compromise. If the wee one is sleeping I may have to move my laptop into another room temporarily to avoid the tapping of the keyboard waking her, or even just distracting her with my presence. 

The two important factors that I kept in mind were function and of course STYLE! (I still want to enjoy it for me). To ensure it functioned well I included LOTS of easily accessible storage such as baskets for soiled baby clothes, wooden bins for diapers and wipes and closed shelving for office gear. 

As for style, because it is also an office and nursery I wanted to avoid cars, fishies, get my drift.   Instead I used a neutral but modern palette of creams and blacks to still create a comfy and cozy space for the wee one but also add some contemporary touches that tie into our office furniture and equipment.


Anna Zak

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